Innovation Courses for Airlines

Return On Investment (ROI) Performance Examples

Following are a few samples of customized airline courses developed by ICAL and Learning Elements (one of our partnering organizations) which were successfully implemented.  

ICAL and Learning Elements conduct a full needs analysis for every client before starting development on any course.  Return on Investment (ROI) for each course is determined by four levels of Kirkpatrick measurement shown below.  

In every case, our airline clients achieve all four levels below and earn several times their initial investment in each Airline Innovation Course they implement.

The staff supports the intervention and displays increased confidence and 
self-esteem after the intervention is complete.

The staff demonstrates they have acquired the content of the intervention
whether it involves skills or behavior.

The staff uses their new knowledge to solve actual challenges on the job.

Return on Investment (ROI)
Qualitative and quantitative measurement of bottom-line returns from
increased revenue or from decreased expenses. 

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