What populations benefit from Innovation?

Innovation will create more opportunities in the global ecenomy with at least four specific groups:

Students - Demonstrating university skills and lifelong learning

  • Transition from secondary to university levels.
  • Build 38 key skills to succeed in the global economy.
  • Develop the habit of Lifelong Learning and continuous improvement.
  • Establish and plan career objective and focus.

Women - Demonstrating university and workplace skills and attitudes

  • Define present & future vision and goals. 
  • Build 38 key skills to succeed in the global economy.
  • Discover special qualities and talents.
  • Become a strategic thinker.
  • Create a personal progress plan.
  • Create an Innovationeering project.

Teachers - Demonstrating best-practices in classrooms

  • Experience and Application of  “65 Best Practices”.
  • Micro-teaching using ICAL Inside courseware.
  • Ability to increase student performance.
  • Target high priority teacher subgroups such as ESOL.

Business - Demonstrating global mindset with knowledge economy skills & thinking

  • Define present & future vision. 
  • Use present obstacles to achieve future goals. 
  • Achieve second curve goals while protecting first curve markets.
  • Target specific areas for growth (Hospitality, Energy, Transportation, etc). 

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