Client Case Studies

Accelerated Learning Systems (ALS) 
Developed a series of Total Physical Response videos to accompany the ALS self-study courses in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and English together with the instructional books that accompany them.  Also developed a corporate self-paced course design program called “System 2000” to allow trainers to develop their own courses.

Trained pilots and reservation agents in English to interact with American Airlines reservation system called “Sabre”.  Done through the World Language Academy license from ICAL to American Airlines.

Alaska Schools
Developed a language course to teach Inupiat language to Alaska Indians and taught teachers how to use the lesson plans associated with the texts.

Atlanta Public Schools
APS is the 3rd highest rated urban school district in the U.S.  It hired ICAL to design a K-8 foreign language, bilingual, and English as a Second Language (ESL) program for its 54,000 students.  ICAL designed a complete K-8 set of lesson plans for the teachers to use and trained 200 classroom second language teachers to use it.  ICAL also trained a group of mentor teachers for long-term quality assurance.  APS dropped its annual turnover rate from 25% to 10% in only one year, which more than paid for the cost of the program.  APS has renewed the contract for two more years.

American Airlines
Licensed the ICAL proprietary teaching software to AA so it could form the World Language Academy and market it to their clients worldwide from 1993-1998.

Australia New South Wales School District
Developed a set of lesson plans for elementary and middle school teachers teaching foreign languages in the New South Wales School District and taught 150+ teachers how to use the lesson plans in their classrooms.

Caltex Petroleum
Designed, created, and delivered an English program for Caltex refinery workers in Rayong, Thailand.  Done through the World Language Academy license from ICAL to American Airlines.  Trained an entire refinery staff using our system over an 18-month period.  All Learners were Thai nationals, with some previous exposure to English.  The company used our program because in only 12 weeks all the Learners were ready to attend 18 months of advanced classes using the skills and vocabulary of refinery operations.  Our success rate was 93% for this population and we successfully moved each person four proficiency levels in 12 weeks, even though it is more challenging to move that number of levels with speakers starting with higher proficiency levels.

Trained a group of managers in English to introduce a new series of life skills videos being created by CEMEX.  Done through the World Language Academy license from ICAL to American Airlines.  This multi-national company based in Mexico sent its staff for a pilot program that taught life skills for family maintenance together with English skills.  The program achieved its guaranteed proficiency of 85%, and many Learners advanced more than the required two levels during the six-week pilot.

Colegio Humane
Trained entire staff and created entire K-8 curriculum for Spanish and English instruction in all subjects.  This Montessori franchise started its second year in Leon, with its five-year plan to be offered in all major cities in Mexico.  ICAL trained a team of English instructors and will train a group of new instructors in June 2005.  ICAL designed and owns the K-8 SEP curriculum Colegio Humane uses in its K-8 English program.  

Continental Airlines
Worked with Training department developers to create a series of 8 courses to increase profitability using System 2000 design model.  We also trained 35 course developers, 70 regional trainers, and 8 coaches.  Conducted a program for its entire Airport Services Group. We trained Continental Trainers to teach 8 courses we developed for delivery to 18,000 Continental employees.  We achieved 100% of the performance goals for each course and Continental still uses the courses today to train their new employees.

Epic Systems
Designed a series of TQM courses to be delivered to factory workers at two Western Textile plants in an effort to save the plants from closing.  The plants not only stayed open, but the workers developed ideas for new product lines that made the plants more profitable.

Kellogg Cereals
Created a equipment safety course and trained employees in the application of best safety practices in the automated section of Kellogg.  Trained developers to create additional courses for Kellogg using System 2000.

Developed a 5-day course to teach Mission Possible (the book by Ken Blanchard) to CEO clients of KPMG.  We also trained 3 instructional designers form the Vitality division, and also delivered Vision Quest workshops to select CEO’s of KPMG.

Kuwait Government
Trained developers to design courses for the Department of Social Organization for post-occupation Kuwait.  Done through the World Language Academy license between ICAL and American Airlines.

Latvia Government
Trained the Minister of Transportation and his employees in English as part of a purchase of Boeing aircraft and American Airlines flight training.  Done through the World Language Academy license between ICAL and American Airlines.

Mellon Bank
Trained trainers and developers to use the System 2000 model to develop retail banking training courses for the introduction of new programs to all retail bank employees.

MIIM (Malaysian Institute of Integrative Media)
Conducted a Vision Quest course for all the teachers in the school and a series of Innovationeer courses for 500 students in their last two semesters of study.

New Straits Times
Conducted a series of Vision Quest courses for newsroom managers at the government owned newspaper so they could train new employees to become proficient reporters more quickly.

Taught courses on Accelerative Learning Instructional Design at the Pilgrims Summer Institute in Canterbury, England.

Spelman College
Delivered an ICAL Innovation class, offered as a part of Spelman's Early College Registration program.  The class was a 40 hour module, an excerpt from ICAL’s full 720 hour Innovationeer Program.  Twenty-three high school students were chosen to attend the class, travelling from all over the country to attend the 5-week program. Our program teaches young people how to be innovative and how to think innovatively.  These are crucial skills in the 21st century. Our Innovationeer Class focuses on developing 38 innovationeer skills: globalization skills (such as leadership, outsourcing and responsiveness), life long learning skills (such as networking, creating solutions and anticipating) and knowledge economy skills (such as team working, sensing and adapting).

Turkish Airlines
Developed a training program to teach English and TQM principals to 500 key employees at Turkish Airlines to prepare the airline for purchase by an international investor.  Done through the World Language Academy license between ICAL and American Airlines.  This company trained 500+ Learners over an 18-month period.  The company used our system because of speed of acquisition and results achieved in all divisions.  Its goal was to privatize the airline, and to accomplish that they needed more professional customer service, training, maintenance, and management skills in English.   The program had an overall 92% success rate in advancing every Learner two or more levels in 6 weeks.  

Turkmenistan Air
Developed a training program to teach English to pilots and flight attendants flying to London Heathrow airport using new Boeing 757 aircraft purchased by Turkmenistan government.  Done through the World Language Academy license between ICAL and American Airlines.  The crews of these jets needed to learn maintenance, pilot, and customer service skills in English because the company was going to use the jets for international flights into the United Kingdom and Asia.  We achieved a 90% success rate in increasing the staff by two levels in 180 hours.  

TV3 of Malaysia
Conducted a series of Vision Quest seminars for managers at TV3, the government –owned TV station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

United Airlines
Presented a 3-week survival Spanish course to international flight attendants for United Airlines.  Done through the World Language Academy license between ICAL and American Airlines.  Conducted a pilot program for its staff.  They ultimately had to train 18,000 cabin attendants and ground personnel who service their many international customers in Europe, Asia, and South America.  The pilot delivered its 85% guaranteed results.

Winona State University
Conducted annual Accelerated Learning Summer Institute in Winona Minnesota for teachers and trainers from all over the world from the years 1989-1995.

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