How does ICAL define Innovation?

The ICAL Innovation System is a humanistic teaching and learning system focused on multiple outcomes:

  • Provides training, materials, and curriculum to sustain and replicate results for teachers
  • Combines 11 research-based theories to produce measurable results for students
  • Produces effective (content-based) learning to enhance classroom instruction
  • Develops affective (esteem-based) learning to achieve intrinsic motivation and long-term retention
  • Allows students to apply learning to new situations to integrate critical thinking skills and attitudes
  • Includes technology, communication, and teamwork to provide workplace skills for a global economy
  • Provides students with a global perspective to experience awareness of other cultures 
  • Measures results using international standards (UN) (NSPI) (ASTD) (TESOL) (TOEIC) and others
  • Delivers 8 levels of proficiency in all 4 literacy skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to produce advanced intelligent bilingual speakers

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