Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accelerative Learning?

Accelerative Learning is a way of organizing and presenting instruction to ensure that your teaching and training outcomes will be achieved by the greatest number of qualified learners without having to increase your class time.

In Accelerative Learning, learning styles and processing styles are addressed in a structured, systematic way.  the format and training techniques are cutting-edge educational technologies based on current worldwide research from over 80 universities.

This means that both students and trainers benefit from increased effectiveness; students achieve competency more quickly and the trainers achieve their competency based objectives.

What benefits can I achieve with Accelerative Learning?

You will address the learning requirements of every learner.
You will guarantee a higher success rate among learners.
You will increase retention during and after teaching or training.
You will instill higher confidence among learners.
You will regularly reduce teaching and training times and costs.

Is Accelerative Learning being used now?

Yes.  Accelerative Learning is considered by many to be the key learning technology to deliver maximum results for their training dollars.  It is being successfully used by schools such as Cambridge College, Guggenheim Elementary, Atlanta Public Schools, Horton Magnet School and corporations such as AT&T, Continental Airlines, Kellogg Cereals, Star Petroleum, IBM and scores of other companies.

Can any course be taught with Accelerative Learning?

Yes.  Accelerative Learning is being used wherever learners must demonstrate increased performance.  It can be used in outcome based learning, technical or operational skills training.  It works equally well for 'soft' skills courses such as team building, customer satisfaction, management, or sales.

How quickly can Accelerative Learning be implemented?

It varies.  Most enhancements can be made almost immediately with little additional cost or time invested by trainers or developers.  If you decide to rewrite course materials based on an Accelerative Learning format, that will take longer.  However, any investment in Accelerative Learning will produce a measurable result that can be used to compute a return on your investment.

Can an Accelerative Learning course be easily updated?

Yes.  In fact, once you have adopted Accelerative Learning, any updating, deleting or adding is more convenient and less time consuming than with other training formats.

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