About ICAL

ICAL has applied Accelerative Learning to change lives worldwide for over 32 years.  Our international experience includes work in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, England, France, Finland, Germany, Holland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Thailand, Turkmenistan, United States and United Arab Emirates.  

We have developed curriculum, designed courses and trained thousands of teachers for educational and corporate clients.  Our educational clients are Atlanta Public Schools, Colegio Humane of Mexico, Alaska Public Schools, Malaysia Institute for Integrative Media, New South Wales School District in Australia, Kuwait Social Development Organization and other similar organizations worldwide.

Our corporate clients include American Airlines, Caltex/Star Petroleum in Thailand, Turkish Airlines, Turkmenistan Airlines, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Kellogg Cereals, Copa Airlines, Mellon Bank, KPMG Holland, Continental Airlines, Prudential Insurance, Principal Financial Insurance, Epic Systems, Western Textiles, Watlow Electric, and dozens of similar organizations worldwide.  

ICAL has three directors: Libyan LabiosaPhilip Cassone and Sinéad Randig.  Libyan focuses on teacher training,  Philip concentrates on strategic alliances, and Sinéad develops the curriculum used on every project.  Together they have one mission—to improve the performance of every student touched by our teaching or training.

As the International Center for Accelerative Learning (ICAL), we co-authored the 8-level Spanish Language System for Atlanta Public Schools, the 8-level English Language System, the 4 EarthRise Books in 5 languages, and the Success Sparks Literacy series in 2 languages.

The Integrative Innovation Institute is our latest achievement 32 years in the making!  It develops Innovationeers with 21st century workplace innovation skills and attitudes and they can conduct business in two languages!  The Institute is currently being licensed at several regional locations worldwide.  

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