How does ICAL create Innovation?

ICAL provides innovation and lifelong learning opportunities for Government, Business, Education, and Individuals.  

ICAL's Innovation System creates people who successfully demonstrate the skills of peak performance, team working, strategic thinking, project consciousness, customer perspective,
total quality, first and second-curve thinking, career milestones, and support networks.

Depending on your organization, ICAL offers a series of Innovation Projects for shorter term interventions and Innovation Institutes for long term deep organizational change.  Check out ICAL Services to learn more.

Why choose the ICAL Innovation System?

  • Guarantees results (85% success rate or higher).
  • Curriculum develops a global mindset with knowledge economy, life long learning and globalization skills.
  • Teaches advanced technical content and advanced language skills simultaneously.
  • Builds internal human capital of teachers and quality assurance staff to ensure long-term sustainability .
  • Combines technology, communication and teamwork skills with target language and content.
  • Uses lesson plans with art, drama and music to ensure replication by teachers and recall by students.

"In knowledge work, the first question is “What should you be doing?” Not how.  
There is very little joy in heaven or on earth over an engineering department that, with great zeal, great expertise, and great diligence, produces drawings for the wrong product.  
The second question is “What results are being produced?”   
In manual work, you are concentrated on the task.  
In knowledge work, you are focused on the outcome".  

Peter Drucker

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