Case Histories

Caltex/Star Petroleum; Star Petroleum Refinery; Rayong, Thailand

Cliff Canning, Training Director

Business Type:
Gasoline refinery in Rayong, Thailand

Previous Training Program:
Berlitz and British Council

Client Scenario:
The new refinery had to employ 51% Thai nationals.  In order to open the refinery on time, the Thai nationals needed to learn English and Technical English quickly.  British Council and Berlitz were not achieving fast enough results and ICAL was brought in through the World Language Academy in to conduct a comparison course.  ICAL’s results were 300% higher than the other vendors in half the time.

System Implemented:
ICAL established an ICAL Innovation Institute at the Caltex Refinery in Rayong, Thailand.  ICAL customized the text for use in the oil refining industry and integrated technical vocabulary, comparative analysis, and TQM concepts for use with all employees throughout refinery.

530 students out of the total 560 achieved the target score of ESU 5.0 in the twelve week program and were able to complete and pass refinery training for all positions in less time and with greater performance on the job.  The passing rate in Thailand was 92%, which exceeded the contract guarantee of 85%.  The following are Kirkpatrick measurement accomplishments:

  • 100% attendance during course
  • Increased course enrollment
  • Decreased dropouts

  • Increased TOEIC/ESU pass rate
  • Passed refinery scenarios in class
  • Successfully passed to post IEA technical training

  • 95% post training participation
  • Increased problem solving skills
  • Increased English communication
  • Decreased accidents with Thai nationals after training

Return on Investment:
  • Achieved refinery deadline
  • Increased engineer retention 
  • Achieved refinery output 
  • Avoided fine for late opening

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Turkish Airlines, Istanbul, Turkey

Sevil Koraltan, Training Manager

Business Type:
Airline of Turkey undergoing privatization and seeking to enter the European market as a major airline.

Previous Training Programs:
Traditional English training in Turkish Schools and additional private lessons.

ICAL Objective:
To provide an ICAL English Academy for Turkish Airlines customer-contact employees that would:

  • Enable employees to serve English Speaking clients.
  • Facilitate Turkish Airlines entry into the European market.
  • Accomplish Turkish Airlines entry goals quickly.
  • Introduce Total Quality Management strategies and skills simultaneously with English acquisition.

System Implemented:
ICAL established an Innovation Institute at Turkish Airlines Training Center in Istanbul.  ICAL customized the IEA text for use in the travel industry and also integrated TQM concepts and practice in the required levels.

513 students out of the total of 551 achieved the target score of ACTFL in the six-week program.  The passing rate in Turkey was 93%, which exceeded the contract guarantee of 85%.  The following are Kirkpatrick measurement accomplishments:

  • Increased course attendance
  • Increased internal staff “buzz”
  • Increased enrollment 

  • Increased TOEIC/ACTFL pass rate
  • Increased employee confidence
  • Increased post-test results

  • Decreased use of interpreters
  • Decreased customer complaints
  • Increased on-time departures

Return on Investment:
  • Increased passenger loads
  • Increased repeat customers
  • Increased cargo/business accounts

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