Directly from Our Clients

Manager/Director Comments

“We are building a new refinery in Thailand, starting from the ground up.  We have to recruit the total refinery staff of around 400 people.  Much of the language we use in the refining business, or the continuous processing business, is specialized and it means special things that it may not mean in the ordinary course of conversation.  

So we developed the 500-word glossary, or vocabulary words, that we use in the everyday world of the refining business and we asked the teachers to bring these into the classrooms so that words like valve or pump or shutdown or startup or things like this, which are everyday bread and butter language in refineries often, would not be strange and they would have common meaning.

The things that attracted us (to ICAL) are the speed with which they can reach what we’ve chosen to use as established standards in English Language training and that progress can be objectively assessed as the course progresses.  And, also, the methodology that gives you a higher degree of confidence that you will have spent your money wisely and well and at the end of the day we will have achieved, very largely, the objectives we set out to.”

- Tony Sawyer, Star Petroleum Refining Company

“I am the project manager here in the training center of Turkish Airlines, in Istanbul.  Our students, they want to continue, really, after the six weeks, they want to continue with more advanced levels, to continue with the Accelerative Learning system again, because they have tried classic methods in other courses, and they really learned with the Accelerative Learning.”

- Sevil Koraltan, Turkish Airlines

“ICAL is the best kept secret in the training world.”

- Kim Rhule, Mellon Bank

Directly from Our Clients

Every ICAL student fills out an anonymous evaluation form.  On it, we ask each student what he/she would tell others about ICAL’s work.  The following is a sample of the students’ responses:

“Outstanding in every way….best seminar I have attended.”

“The best way to improve students’ learning and to increase their self-esteem.”

“Excellent in all areas.  I have never been more inspired to teach or share this experience.”

“It was enriching on both a personal and professional level.  It was fun.  Every day you realize that you got more out of it than you thought.”

“Unforgettable experience.”

“It’s great.  It makes learning so much easier.”

“It was completely engrossing.  It changes the way you see the world.”

“This was a very good workshop.  I wish the entire corporation could take this course.”

“That it was excellent.  Be ready and expect the unexpected.  (The course) was not boring at all.”

“Accelerative Learning is an excellent way to get employees interested in new or updated material.”

“Very mind-expanding and very useful professionally and personally.”

“It is the future.”

Directly from a Recent Client (Atlanta Public Schools)

APS Teachers’ Comments from Levels 1 and 2 of Teacher Training:

“The seminar is so practical because it makes the language acquisition process something “real” for the students, so they feel proud in using their Spanish.”

“I can tell my friends that APS has an exciting new Foreign Language program that can be successful for children and their teachers as well!”

“ I have benefited from this seminar greatly.  My way of thinking has changed and my focus has as well.  It is my hope that my students will be the primary beneficiaries.”

I would tell my friends this is a “must take” class.  It has all the information organized for quick and effective implementation of Spanish teaching.”

“Without this seminar you don’t have all the tools to be an effective teacher.”

“This seminar has changed my life professionally and personally.”

“The ICAL team is amazing.  If they could train every teacher, education in America would be valued.”

“I should win the lotto to pay ICAL to home school my kids.”

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