Accelerated Learning: Imagine the Possibilities . . . .

Accelerated Learning gets rapid training results.  Accelerated Learning is a way of organizing and presenting information to ensure that training outcomes will be achieved by the greatest number of qualified learners without increasing class time.

Does your organization need to create human resources who successfully master the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, self-starting, cultural sensitivity, flexibility, adaptation to rapid change, self-discipline, and the desire for personal excellence?

Does your organization need instructors who successfully master the skills of effective teaching styles, modern teaching technology, classroom environment, classroom management, differentiating student potential, learning styles, class plan design, spiraling proficiency, and the latest educational systems?

If these are possibilities you imagine and you are ready for an intervention which will bring about deep change in your organization, then explore our website and contact us!  Check out our other web site,, which focuses on the educational sector. Click on the Spotlight to learn about recent Innovationeer Classes!

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The International Center for Accelerative Learning (ICAL) is a global consulting group with proven experience creating innovative courseware solutions for our clients.

Using Accelerated Learning, ICAL has a 28-year record of successful performance results in English, Technical, Business, and Educational applications worldwide.

ICAL's expertise in innovative learning technologies has delivered proven applications in domestic and international projects worldwide for Fortune 100 companies and their equivalents outside the United States.  

Virtual teams operate at several sites simultaneously, designing programs to be managed by trained local staff.  ICAL has a proven track record with guaranteed performance results surpassed in all cases.

Using Accelerated Learning, how does ICAL define Innovation?

Using Accelerated Learning, how does ICAL develop Innovation?

How does ICAL measure Innovation?

What populations benefit from Innovation?

Using Accelerated Learning, how does ICAL design Innovation?

How do I create and implement Innovation in my organization?

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